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Telecommunication and Network Engineering Research Group

Ongoing Research Projects

Victim Localization in Post Disaster Scenarios
Funded by Callaghan Innovation 2021-2022

Massey collaborates with Salcom in this project, which seeks to develop new methods for detecting victim trapped under rubble by picking up emergency wireless signals from their mobile phones.
Funding received: NZD 31,500

Connecting the Unconnected: Internet for Underserved Rural Schools
Funded by Trans Eurasian Information Network (TEIN) Cooperation Center 2019-2021

Massey is a co-investigator in this project, which will see the development and refurbishment of e-learning setups in rural areas of Pakistan. This project is led by Balochistan University of IT and Management Sciences, Quetta. The funding is provided by Asi@Connect which is one of the external actions of the European Commission.
Funding received: NZD 325,916 (EUR 189,576)

Machine Learning based Solution for Passive Behaviour Detection
Funded by the Massey University Research Fund 2020-2021

This research project answers the question: Can machine learning extract meaningful information about an individual's behaviour from the otherwise random variations of Wi-Fi signal strength? The long term objective of this project is to develop technology that can automatically and reliably detect abnormal behaviours of an individual living alone.
Funding received: NZD 9,950

Travel Grants

Challenges Associated with High-Frequency 5G Deployment
Funded by Internet New Zealand 2020

This is a travel grant that allowed an invited talk to be presented at 8th International Conference on Communications and Broadband Networking (ICCBN) in Auckland. The invited talk covered research and development challenges associated with deploying 5G networks across New Zealand at mm-wave frequencies.
Funding received: NZD 1,500

Developing new Internet services using Artificial Intelligence
Funded by the European Commission 2018-2019

This is a travel exchange between Massey University and Ulster University, UK, which will allow planning of a joint research project between the two universities. This project is funded by the EPIC Programme of the European Commission that fosters research connections between Europe, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.
Funding received: NZD 3,200

Completed Research Projects

Real Time IoT enabled Air Quality Monitoring
Funded by the Massey University Research Fund 2019-2020

This project will develop novel calibration algorithms to improve the data quality of low-cost air quality monitor (AQM) sensors. We aim to deploy an Internet of Things (IoT) based network of low cost AQMs developed by the research team. These low cost sensors will be collocated with reliable AQM stations maintained by various government agencies.
Funding received: NZD 11,000

Wi-DemystiFied: Solving Taranaki's Connectivity Problems
Funded by MBIE Curious Minds 2018-2019

This Participatory Science Platform funded project engages Taranaki school students in hands-on research related to wireless connectivity. It is an enhanced version of the project that was run by TNE in 2017.
Funding received: NZD 20,000

Know Thy Neighbour: Autonomous Device Discovery
Funded by Massey's Strategic Excellence Research Fund 2018-2019

Effective methods that allow mobile phones to discover each other without the base station are not available in the literature. From New Zealand's perspective, this project will remove the reliance on base stations to provide mobile phone coverage in rural areas.
Funding received: NZD 8,100

An Innovative Approach for Device-Free Positioning
Funded by MBIE Pre-Seed Accelerator Fund 2017-2018

In device-free techniques, the subject is positioned without holding any electronic device. The variations in signal strength caused by the motion of a subject is detected to infer the ongoing events. This project builds on this concept to develop an effective home monitoring system, which can differentiate between a human subject and a pet.
Funding received: NZD 59,000

Iso Bus Coding to allow C-Dax products to interface with Tractor control panel
Funded by C-Dax Ltd 2017-2018

The 4th year Massey students while doing their Capstone project were able to get this contract with active help from the Commercialization Office. The students are working on this project as their summer job at C-Dax.
Funding received: NZD 24,000

Project Wi-Finding: Towards solving Taranaki's Connectivity Issues
Funded by MBIE Curious Minds (PSP) 2017-2018

This project responds to one overarching research question: What can we do to improve the wireless connectivity in the greater Taranaki (urban and rural) region? The proposed workshop takes the school students on a practice-driven hands-on journey that eventually answers the question.
Funding received: NZD 14,600 (NZD 11,600 from MBIE and NZD 3,000 from Internet New Zealand)

Improving Mobile Phone Connectivity in Rural New Zealand
Funded by Massey University Research Fund 2017

The Mobile Black Spot Fund of MBIE aims at investing NZD 50 million to install new mobile phone infrastructure along the main highways and some popular tourist destinations. This project examines the use of Device-to-Device (D2D) technology to extend the mobile phone coverage that is being provided along the state highways. Our hypothesis is that a mobile phone within the coverage area of a BS (on a highway) can relay data to and from other devices in a nearby town.
Funding received: NZD 10,000

Analyzing Harmful Electromagnetic Exposure due to Future Millimeter Wave Transmissions
Funded by Lottery Health Research Fund (under the Department of Internal Affairs) 2016-2017

The 5G network proposes to use multiple transmitters tuned at high frequencies very close to the users. This project examines the impact of such transmissions on human well being.
Funding received: NZD 19,926

Redefining the Dense World of 5G Telecommunications
Funded by MBIE Global Strategic Partnerships Fund 2016-2017

The main objective of this project is to build a sustainable partnership between New Zealand and international partners with a long term goal of converting New Zealand into a knowledge-based economy. Cutting-edge telecommunications research with substantial commercialization and academic potential is proposed in this project.
Funding received: NZD 128,459

A Universal Mobility Management Framework for Future Wireless Internet
Funded by Internet Research Funding Round of Internet NZ 2016-2017

In contrast to the existing solutions, the end user mobility should be managed at a per-user level in a flexible and scalable manner. In order to effectively deal with a diverse range of users (some moving fast, some slow and some even static) at an individual level, this project changes the network treatment offered to a user according to its mobility requirements. For instance, while serving two users following distinct mobility patterns, the network exhibits two unique behaviors.
Funding received: NZD 15,000

Towards the Next Generation of Device-free Passive Localization
Funded by Massey University Research Fund 2016

This project proposes a novel method for locating and identifying an object using only Wi-Fi signals. The aims are to (a) detect a body and classify it either as an object or a human being, and (b) if human, determine the identity parameters. The proposed idea is an enhanced version of Device-free Passive Localization with considerable innovation.
Funding received: NZD 9,705

Establishing the Foundations of Future Software-Defined Mobile Internet
Funded by Internet Research Funding Round of Internet NZ 2015-2016

The approach in this project is that the conventional distributed nature of mobility management can be centralized using SDN with minimum changes in the hardware. The proposed idea is that the SDN controller, having a global view of the network, performs all mobility related tasks on behalf of the routers and devices. This requires the development of software-defined mobility management protocols that could be executed on the controller.
Funding received: NZD 15,000

A Novel Method for Determining the Stability of Smart Distribution Networks
Funded by Massey University Research Fund 2015

Electricity is delivered to the consumers through a distribution network, the stability of which is characterised by its Voltage Stability Index (VSI). This project develops methods to examine the VSI of looped distribution networks, which are of increasing significance in the context of smart grids.
Funding received: NZD 10,400